Replacement Parts 

Bassett can provide replacement parts for many of its products. However, Bassett recommends that all cribs manufactured prior to 1972 be replaced because improved safety features were instituted that year. For information on our current product, please contact us at 1.800.308.7485.

Most of Bassett's drawer pulls and decorative hardware are made by Keeler Brass Company in High Point, N.C. Each piece is marked on the back by "KBC" and an identifying number. You may contact Keeler Brass and provide them with this information and they will attempt to locate a replacement for you. If you do not find "KBC" on your hardware, Keeler still may be able to help you find a suitable alternative. Keeler may be contacted at 336-841-3899, 8 a.m. - noon, Monday-Friday.

For the first year of warranty period Bassett will pay or incur reasonable and customary labor charges for the repair or installation of covered replacement parts. After the first year of the warranty period, the purchaser is responsible for the cost of repair or installation of covered replacement parts.

For wood products, please identify the model number prior to calling us. The model number for our wood products is affixed to the back of the cases and on the headboard of the cribs. Please use these model numbers to identify your products whenever you are communicating with either Bassett or our retailers.

For additional questions, please contact our Customer Care group at 1.800.308.7485

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